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Aspiring Leaders - Q&A Panel Disscussion

Do you aspire to be a school leader? Come along and hear five of Nelson’s principals share their thoughts on educational leadership and what it takes to lead a school now, and into the future. An informal discussion panel comprising of Hugh Gully, John Armstrong, Isaac Day, Janice Gulbransen, and Freya Hogarth about the path to becoming a school leader, and what it means to be a school leader heading into 2016.








Each will talk about some of their experiences and the path they have taken to be where they are today-


Isaac Day - Enner Glynn

On learning communities and teaching as inquiry.


John Armstrong - Henley School

On leading a large school from small school experience.


Freya Hogarth - Hope School

On her experience on the National Aspiring Principal’s Programme.


Janice Gulbransen - Nayland Primary

On her role as a First Time Principal’s Programme mentor.


Hugh Gully - Nelson Intermediate

On managing the multitude of issues that you are dealing with at any one time.


There will be time for any questions you may have.





Category: Leadership, aspiring leaders, teachers





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