August 25, 2019

Make sure you register your interest to find out when early bird bookings open for Dan's two September 2020 New Zealand workshops. 

From Dan Finkel's popular TEDx Talk-

"Dan Finkel wants everyone to have fun with math. After completing his Ph.D. in algebraic geometry at the University of Washington, he decided that teaching math was the most important contribution he could make to the world. He has devoted much of his life to understanding and teaching the motivation, history, aesthetics, and deep stru...

May 9, 2019

I strongly recommend that if ever you have an opportunity to see James present, take it. By morning tea time, in fact, just a few sentences in, you will be inspired. You will be challenged. You will reflect on your practice. You will make positive change. 

What can I do, as a teacher, as a leader, to get my students, to get my teachers, to make more steps in their learning?

  • Wear a 'pedagogical pedometer'. 

What culture do we want to set? 

  • Reflect on the teachers you had at school. Who mot...

March 5, 2019

It is always great to work with SLD Nelson, bringing to Nelson great presenters to help support teachers and teacher aides, along with students and families who live every day with the complexities of specific learning needs. With amazing flight deals it is easy for educators from around the country to fly in to experience a day of PLD in Nelson.  

This year brings Carla McNeil, presenting a full day for teachers and SENCOs, and a half day for families and teacher aides, looking at demystify...

July 26, 2018

Always engaging, James Nottingham will be presenting in New Zealand in May 2019. In the meantime watch James' clip on 'Labels limit learning'. 

July 26, 2018

After hearing of Professor Guy Claxton's very-unofficial new title of Sir Guy Claxton, Kath Murdoch is now joking that she would like to be known as Lady Kath Murdoch. It is a title fitting for a presenter so incredibly inspiring, passionate and approachable about her work in inquiry-based education, that here at Lancewood Education we're happy to roll with it!

Thank you Kath for your work with us, you are a marvel and we look forward to seeing you back here in the future. Also, thank you so much...

January 26, 2018

Make sure you book early so you do not miss out on the 'guru of inquiry', Kath Murdoch, coming to Nelson and Dunedin in June 2018.

Bookings are open now, with an early bird special and group booking rates. Bring the whole team!

August 10, 2017

Another fabulous day with Gail Loane and a bunch of keen teachers from early primary through to secondary. So much covered with such passion and depth from Gail; there's always something new to learn, even after hearing Gail four times now!

A few gems from this time round-

The teacher must show a love and passion for writing to inspire this in the children. 

Draft writing books - as a record of progress + teacher progress. Use what is happening in kids’ books as the data/evidence. Look for problems/habi...

May 9, 2017

Please don't be embarrassed if you think there are only four strands in the science curriculum, you'd not be the only one! The 5th, and arguably the most important is often overlooked: The Nature of Science. 

The Nature of Science was an important focus of the day with Pete Smith, Education Manager of the National Science Roadshow and Manager of the Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy. 

Pete left attendees, from early childhood through to intermediate, with plenty of practical ways they could weave...

March 16, 2016

“There can be no significant innovation in education that does not have at its core the beliefs and attitudes of the teachers. The beliefs, assumptions and feelings of teachers are the air of the learning environment: They determine the quality of life within it.”

~ Postman & Weingartner


Gail certainly packed a lot in to her literacy leadership day run in February at Seifried's Estate; the key to every aspect of her presentation were the importance of BELIEFS.


If you get the chance to attend this pro...

March 1, 2016

The 4-8pm workshop with Nathan Mikaere Wallis certainly kicked off in true Nathan style. Engaging from the start, with many anecdotal tales, Nathan certainly knows his topic well. And, with Maori heritage himself, this is an area he is clearly passionate about.


A few key messages from Nathan, among many more, were-


Adopt a risk-taking response to using te reo-

  • Most teachers are not racist bigots, they are kind natured people who want to make a difference.

  • Teachers/learners need to be empowere...

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