Prof. Guy Claxton - Building Learning Power

Professor Guy Claxton (UK) of 'Building Learning Power' fame will be visiting New Zealand in March 2016. Lancewood Education (Nelson) is working in partnership with The Learning Network (Auckland) to bring Guy to Nelson on Friday 11th March for a full day course. Below is an introductory clip where Prof. Guy Claxton talks about the concept of Building Learning Power, with just a few changes to your teaching practice that support the philosophical reasoning of why many of us got into teaching in the first place. In March, Guy will be discussing how we can raise attainment AND of equal importance, help students develop character that will help them flourish in the future. To support this event

Charlotte Wilkinson- Place Value, Aug 2015

Ten hardy teachers came from far and wide across the Nelson region last Wednesday to attend Charlotte WIlkinson's course, 'Numbers and The Number System: Place Value - the full story'. Beginning with a quick overview on the history of numbers, explaining how Roman numerals soon became inefficient, the introduction of decimals by a European minister of finance (surprise, surprise), and how different countries incorporate place value into their language, it soon became apparent just how much we are expecting our students to understand at a young age, in contrast to how long it took for this knowledge to develop. The importance of using correct language was made very clear when we thought about

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