Beliefs are critical to quality leadership and teaching of writing - Gail Loane

“There can be no significant innovation in education that does not have at its core the beliefs and attitudes of the teachers. The beliefs, assumptions and feelings of teachers are the air of the learning environment: They determine the quality of life within it.” ~ Postman & Weingartner Gail certainly packed a lot in to her literacy leadership day run in February at Seifried's Estate; the key to every aspect of her presentation were the importance of BELIEFS. If you get the chance to attend this professional development in the future it is a MUST. Literacy leaders from across the top of the South with Gail Loane. Below is just a taste of the many aspect of literacy leadership discussed thro

Nathan Mikaere Wallis - Maori and Pasifika Education: Raising Achievement

The 4-8pm workshop with Nathan Mikaere Wallis certainly kicked off in true Nathan style. Engaging from the start, with many anecdotal tales, Nathan certainly knows his topic well. And, with Maori heritage himself, this is an area he is clearly passionate about. A few key messages from Nathan, among many more, were- Adopt a risk-taking response to using te reo- Most teachers are not racist bigots, they are kind natured people who want to make a difference. Teachers/learners need to be empowered. We need to adopt a practise of risk taking, e.g. saying Kia ora, you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to try. Correcting someone’s language error does not promote learners, as people are wired

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