Reliever Workshop- Using ICT to inspire writing
Fiona Madill

Category:  Literacy/ICT

Date:          Date and time TBC

Where:       Location and venue TBC

Cost:          $55 (incl. GST)

This two-hour workshop will focus on the importance of a shared experience for all students to draw upon when participating in a shared writing session. This can be achieved through the use of clips from sites such as You Tube and Vimeo. You will come away with practical writing activities that can be used immediately in Years 4-8, either as one-off lessons, or built upon over a few days if need be. 


This workshop will explore:

  • Using You Tube and Vimeo in the classroom

  • Making reading-writing connections

  • Practical and fun ways to inspire narrative and report writing

  • Brainstorming and organising ideas using Popplet

  • Using Word, Powerpoint or Keynote to model good writing

  • Explicit teaching of learning objectives, and self assessment

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