Reliever Workshop- Getting started in the world of relieving
Fiona Madill

Category:  Relieving

Date:          Date and time TBC

Where:       Location and venue TBC

Cost:          $55 (incl. GST)

Being a successful reliever relies on your ability to build positive relationships quickly with the students you are teaching. You have the opportunity to provide students with rich learning experiences, but this relies on being able ot think on your feet, flexibility, and having some sound behaviour management strategies up your sleeve. But first you have to get 'the call'.  


This two-hour workshop will explore:

  • Creating your relieving CV

  • How to approach schools

  • What schools expect from you (management, teachers, students and parents)

  • Planning for success

  • What to have in your reliever 'tool kit'

  • Behaviour management basics

  • Some practical lesson ideas to get you started.

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