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James Nottingham *INTERNATIONAL*

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NB. Due to popular demand James will now be presenting the session on Visible Learning, Progress and Feedback in both Wellington and Christchurch

Where: Wellington and Christchurch (Venues TBC)

Cost:      $285+gst Early bird rate (bookings made by Friday 28th February 2020)

              $295pp+gst Group (4+ staff booked at the same time, from the same school)

              $365+gst Standard

Leadership, Challenge, and Collective Efficacy - 
Wellington - 6th May, 9-3:30pm
Audience: School leaders, leadership teams, CoL leaders

Identify the leadership actions that will lead to improved learning outcomes for all students and staff, and create a culture for learning in which all students choose to challenge themselves and each other more effectively & positively. Develop personal and collective efficacy so that everyone has the will and skill to positively influence learning outcomes.

Visible Learning, Progress and Feedback - 
Wellington - Tuesday 5th May 9-3:30pm
Christchurch - 7th May, 9:00-3:30pm
Audience: Teachers, CoLs, beginning teachers, teams, whole staff 

Understand the real messages (rather than the urban myths) of Hattie’s work and what can be done to increase impact on student learning. Draw greater attention to progress so that students are less defeatist when things don’t go well for them. Enhance the quality and timing of feedback so that staff make best use of assessment for learning and students learn how to accurately self-assess

What does ‘Challenging Learning’ mean?

I chose the name Challenging Learning partly because of the double meaning: challenging the way in which learning takes place and at the same time, making learning more challenging. Many people say that parents these days wrap their children in cotton wool, smoothing the way to ensure their little darlings don’t encounter difficulties. In educational terms this is problematic because it is only when children and young people engage in challenging tasks and come across problems that they have the opportunity to develop important life skills such as problem solving, higher order thinking and collaborative skills, as well as personal attributes such as resilience, determination and self efficacy. So, as a company we look at ways to challenge the way learning takes place – at school, pre-school and at home. We draw on the most up-to-date research about challenge, feedback, thinking skills, dialogue, Philosophy for Children, Visible Learning, and Dweck Mindsets to identify the best strategies for making learning more challenging, engaging, motivating and successful.

~ James Nottingham


James' areas of expertise: Challenge, Progress and Achievement, Growth Mindset, Visible Learning, Feedback, the Learning Pit, Philosophy for Children, Leadership and Strategy.