'Building Emotional Resilience and Respectful Relationships

with staff and students'

Quality Circle-time model with internationally renowned presenter~

Jenny Mosley


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Quality Circle Time has been developed by Jenny Mosley over the past 30 years, based on her research, teaching experience and through her work consulting with local education authorities and schools in the UK. QCT is is key to a whole-school approach, helping build a positive learning community based on enhanced self-esteem and positive relationships.


Session One-

  • Bin it, Bag it, and Bring it…. and Build Bridges.  How the Five B’s help us to take responsibility for our relationships

  • The spiritual dimension of our work with young people needs to be appreciated and worked on if we are to ‘be the best we can be’.

  • Life is complicated – every day ‘bridges of respect’ can be jeopardised between us – do we have the resilience and focus to keep re-building bridges? 

  • We need to be inspirational role models of good, responsible behaviour ourselves before we can ask young people to change! “Be The Change You Want To See” Ghandi

  • A brief exploration of the two rivers of knowledge that can help us understand the behaviour of adults and children; neuroscience and emotional intelligence. 

  • To stay positive and calm we need to explore a philosophy that helps us keep life in perspective and a sense of humour going whilst around us chaos may rage!

  • The Five Qualities of emotional resilient people.

Session Two-

  • How empathy is the key to all positive relationships.

  • Re-evaluating and shining up our key systems that when adhered to consistently can create positive behaviour in schools, – i.e., the Golden Rules (moral values), incentives and consequences – do they create a safe enough framework within which young people can practice and develop their social and emotional skills?

  • Do we have three listening systems in our schools?  PSHE / Circle time for whole class listening and team building, Bubble Time or Talk Time for One to One Listening and Think Books for non-verbal listening. If students are listened to, they feel respected and motivated.

"Quality Circle Time (QCT) is a democratic and creative approach used to support teachers and other professionals in managing a range of issues that affect the whole learning community. Teaching staff, children, support staff, parents and governors can be actively involved. QCT has proved to promote better relationships and positive behaviour – two of the most effective improvements to both learning and the smooth running of a school”. Ministry of Education. New Zealand. July 2007

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