Kath is a fabulous presenter. Her knowledge is current and very relevant to modern everyday classrooms. Kath moves the PLD at a comfortable pace utilising the Zoom options to work as a big group or to move off in to break out groups. Before the PLD I was curious how this would work and Kath ensured this all went without hiccups. I plan to implement elements of the inquiry approach Kath shared with my team and students immediately. A day well spent and so much gained - if only everyone could attend one of Kath's Zoom PLD sessions on Inquiry!

Abby Ritete, Year 5 & 6 Team Leader 

Te Rapa Primary School

Literacy and Inquiry 

(Primary – intermediate)


Category:  International, Inquiry, Literacy, Online

When: 12th May, 8:30-2:30pm

Where: Online (for New Zealand teachers)

Cost: $185pp+gst 

Due to the online nature of this very practical and hands on day, numbers are limited and early bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment. 


Critical to the success of any journey of inquiry is the degree to which the learner is able to both access information and to process and communicate ideas. As we inquire, much of the information we encounter is in the form of some kind of text. This might be a podcast, a website, an art work, an article, a piece of music, a novel – anything that contains and communicates ideas to us that helps us investigate our questions.  


Sophisticated inquiry based teachers not only help learners access a range of texts as they explore but teach them HOW to critique and meaning-make as readers, listeners and viewers. 


Similarly, journeys of inquiry inevitably mean that students are producing texts. Inquiring into HOW to produce those texts in effective ways for real purposes and audiences can become a wonderful ‘layer’ in the integrative inquiry experience. 


For literacy across the curriculum, students need to be familiar with and find out how to use the languages, texts, and literacy practices of different learning areas.

Whatever they are inquiring into, young learners are always building their capacity as readers, writers, speakers and listeners. This may be attended to in a ‘stand alone’ fashion (ie –learning how to inquire into a picture book, learning how to inquire into the way words are spelt) or carefully woven into the planning for an integrative inquiry.

For the last two decades, Kath Murdoch has coached teachers around New Zealand in ways to adapt a cycle of inquiry to design and scaffold learning.  Teachers have also benefitted from Kath’s work in building a repertoire of powerful practices that mean inquiry is more than simply a way to plan for learning – it is a stance in the classroom throughout the day.

This online workshop extends this work by diving more deeply into the relationship between literacy and inquiry. Highly interactive and practical, teachers will walk away with new ways of thinking about adding ‘literacy value’ to the work they do as inquiry teachers. Immediately transferable to the classroom, the texts and techniques shared in this session will help you build a culture that supports meaningful inquiry every day.