Also from Kath in 2021-

May 12th - 'Literacy in Inquiry' 

Kath is a fabulous presenter. Her knowledge is current and very relevant to modern everyday classrooms. Kath moves the PLD at a comfortable pace utilising the Zoom options to work as a big group or to move off in to break out groups. Before the PLD I was curious how this would work and Kath ensured this all went without hiccups. I plan to implement elements of the inquiry approach Kath shared with my team and students immediately. A day well spent and so much gained - if only everyone could attend one of Kath's Zoom PLD sessions on Inquiry!

Abby Ritete, Year 5 & 6 Team Leader 

Te Rapa Primary School

Getting Personal: Amplifying Learner Agency Through Personal Inquiry

A workshop for teachers who want to take inquiry further and who believe in the power of personal interests to drive learning

Category:  International, Inquiry, Play-based, Passion Projects, Learner Agency, Assessment, Online

When: 27th October, 8:30-2:30pm

Where: Online (for New Zealand teachers)

Cost: $185pp+gst 


  • Due to the online nature of this very practical and hands on day, numbers are limited and early bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment. 

  • This workshop would best suit teachers who already have some understanding of inquiry and are using this approach in some form in their school.  

  • Kath also recommends you come with at least one other colleague so you can collaborate on an action plan for your return to school.

Whatever your circumstances, you need to find time to be in your element - to do what gives you energy rather than what takes it from you.

Ken Robinson, 2013

There has been growing interest in ‘personalised learning’ for many years now. Increasingly, schools are making arrangements to provide more opportunities for learners to learn to be self-directed and to have their needs and interests met through the curriculum.  An inquiry-based approach is in itself, an approach that recognises the importance of learner voice and choice and of linking new learning to the existing knowledge, experiences and interests of the learner.  In this sense, inquiry has always been an approach that nurtured learner agency, but this can be amplified when learners can pursue the questions, interests, problems and wonders that matter to them.

Teachers who use an inquiry based approach are committed to helping learners ‘learn to learn’ and to equipping them with the skills and dispositions to more independently investigate questions, problems, issues and interests. But- 

  • What opportunities do we give learners to do this beyond the “units of inquiry” we may develop?  

  • How provide learners with real opportunities to follow their passions and to truly inquire into those things that matter to them?

  • And why is this so important?  


This workshop is all about supporting learners to design, pursue and assess their own journeys of inquiry and how these pathways sit alongside shared inquiries. 

We will explore the following questions with practical tasks and lots of recent examples from classrooms:


  • Why is personal inquiry important? What’s our purpose?

  • What is the teacher’s role in this and how can we apply quality conferring skills to scaffolding learner thinking in connection with their personal investigations?

  • What can ‘personal inquiry’ look like as learners move through the school? 

  • How can we help learners identify their interests? How can we inspire wonderment and curiosity?

  • How can play provide opportunities for personal inquiry? 

  • How can we help learners design effective questions for their investigations?

  • What skills and dispositions do learners need to make this work? How can we teach these?

  • How can we make this manageable? What systems and routines and classroom set ups make it work?

  • How can we involve the wider community and communicate the importance of this practice to parents?

  • What resources are available to support this way of working?