RESULTS PLUS: raising achievement & building character - can we do both at once

Professor Guy Claxton


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Grades get you through some important gateways. But how well you flourish, once you are there, depends more on character than attainment. And, of course, the system is designed so that a large number of young people can’t get through those doorways. For them, even more than the Grade-Game Winners, character counts enormously. Yet many people have assumed that these two goals of education – raising achievement and building character – are some- how at odds. Too much focus on one will undermine the other. The latest thinking, however, shows that it doesn’t have to be like that. There is a kind of teaching, and a particular school ethos, that reliably hits both targets at the same time.


• Building Learning Power (BLP)

• Visible Thinking

• Growth Mindset

• Habits of Mind


These are all examples of this new way of thinking – and each of these is developing and deepening all the time. Hear the latest from the Godfather of BLP, Professor Guy Claxton.


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