Gail Loane - Raising Literacy Achievement

Another fabulous day with Gail Loane and a bunch of keen teachers from early primary through to secondary. So much covered with such passion and depth from Gail; there's always something new to learn, even after hearing Gail four times now!

A few gems from this time round-

The teacher must show a love and passion for writing to inspire this in the children.

Draft writing books - as a record of progress + teacher progress. Use what is happening in kids’ books as the data/evidence. Look for problems/habits that need to be addressed for individual students, eg. run on sentences, fragments, tense, etc…

Within writing books, five things to look for in books/ site books every day and respond-

  1. Mileage - are there enough opportunities to write, write, write, so that students can get better? The higher the year level the more writing there should be.

  2. Evidence of student crafting and re-crafting DAILY - no scribble, no graffiti, no rubbers (This is your BEST record of progress). Look at ‘how are they doing with this’?

  3. A range of purposes - writing to think, to persuade, to entertain…. (not simply ‘activities’ eg. ‘describe the picture’). Link across curriculum, eg. describe in science, an object, a reaction, materials…

  4. Evidence of teacher presence - Such as AToL yellow/green highlighters, visible learning. Respond every day. Build concept of ‘our books are important/valued’.

  5. Use of modelled texts - photocopied, annotated, highlighted, responded to. What reading and writing tasks do we need to access that knowledge?

THE GOLDEN HALF HOUR - Each week teachers making time during staff meetings to 'nut-out' what a student is doing and have collegial conversations to help raise achievement.


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Lancewood Education looks forward to welcoming Gail again in 2018.

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